Workshop ”VALKOINEN I WHITE” by NELLI TANNER 10.-11.9.2016, Kuopio, Finland

WHITE  is a workshop where we talk about the colour white.

We often start to put ideas on white paper. We wear white collars and clothes for specific occasions.  Official documents are often white.

We have sayings black on white or white as snow. Is white really white?

White can be described as empty, silent, clean, light, uninterrupted.  White can be a silence or endless view. White can make a landscape or hide it. White can blind or disguise us. Can we hide under white, become unanonymouys? And what´s the opposite of it?

In the workshop we make a research about white: collecting, looking and exploring the boundaries of a personal white. This is combined to each participant’s exploration  in jewellery. The workshop starts as a white paper in a beginning of a project and grows to its length by the participants and the mentor.  Through conceptual and material thinking and try-outs the participant gets a support to his/hers way of expression.

Workshop is organized by the Finnish Jewellery Art Association / Korutaideyhdistys ry along with KORU5-exhibition at Kuopio Art Museum 10.6.-10.9. 2016 in co-operation with Savonia University of Applied Sciences.

This workshop is now fully booked!

 Kuopio workshop 2016_Nelli Tanner_kuva Nelli Tanner (2) Kuopio workshop 2016_Nelli Tanner_kuva Nelli Tanner (3)