Artist in residence in Limoges, France

Duration: 3 months inbetween January to end of April

Intended for artists working in the field of contemporary jewellery, the POPA.i.R. residence sets out to create a platform to engage in artistic dialogue that goes beyond cultural, geographical and political boundaries. The resident is asked to develop work exploring body ornament using porcelain, ceramic or enamel on copper, in relation with the workshops specific to ENSA and its regional partners.

ENSA offers the resident a work-place in the studio alongside the students, and the opportunity to
use all of the school’s other workshops, allowing them to evolve freely and to fully focus on their

• Accommodation: Small house in the parc next
to the school (bedroom/bathroom/ kitchen)
• Monthly allowance at a value of 700 euros.
• Workshop: a place in the workshop and access
to ceramics, photography and video studios

It is expected that the jeweller in residence :
• is avaible for : a public lecture and an 4 day
workshop or student tutorial project every month.
• will leave 2 pieces for the POPA.i.R. collection.

Application deadline: Before October 30th 2020.
Document as a pdf file maximum 10 MB to

For any additional information: