11.8. – 1.9. 2019, Hop Galerii
Hobusepea 2, 10133 Tallinn

APART/MEANT-exhibition creates a homelike non-place with each artist’s personal, new collections of artwork. Ulla Ahola has been using stones and mosaic as a starting point in her latest wearable pieces which are resembling familiar everyday objects and things. Sirja Knaapi is showing how a traditional Finnish material is transforming with her latest jewellery art collection made with birchbark. Jenni Sokura is presenting a continuum of her food and take-away related pieces with new enamelled pieces as well as rougher, industrial sandwiches.

AHOLA/KNAAPI/SOKURA – group have been working together since 2016. From each member of the group a series of personal artwork is presented at the exhibition. In addition, there is also a small joint production in the exhibition that shows the results of collective working.