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Galerie Mercier&Associés
3, rue Dupont de l’Eure
75020 Paris

”Jewellery contributes to the pictorial composition of still lifes, signifying a dispossession, a sudden destitution. In executing a trompe-l’œil, the artist
gives expression to an ultimate vanitas: «vanitas vanitatum, omnia vanitas». With nature as their theme, Monika Brugger,
Sophie Hanagarth and Terhi Tolvanen create jewellery in a naturalistic, zoological range. They confront passing time with materiality, eternalising nature by altering it without danger or displaying it in phantasmagorical mode, and ornament the human body, transforming it into an altar to the glory of nature. ”

Näyttely on Parcours Bijoux -tapahtumaa.

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