Näyttelyajat loppuvuodelle 2021 haettavissa

Taidekeskus ITÄ on Etelä-Karjalan Taiteilijaseuran ja Korutaideyhdistyksen ylläpitämä galleria- ja taidelainaamotila Lappeenrannan keskustassa (Valtakatu 66). Taidekeskuksen näyttelyohjelmassa korutaiteella on erityinen sija.

Etelä-Karjalan Taiteilijaseuran ja Korutaideyhdistyksen jäseniltä näyttelymaksu on 400 euroa / tila ja 750 euroa kumpikin tila yhteensä.

Nyt voit hakea näyttelyaikaa vuoden 2021 heinäkuu – joulukuulle.
Hakuaika 15.10.2020 asti.

Lisätietoja ja hakuohjeet:

When the silence becomes painful, there is always a light of hope …
« Painful Hope« , the new exhibition by Alliages, held in Lille (France) and Munich (Schmuck 2021, Munich city center). You are a contemporary art jewelry artist, you can apply to participate in this exhibition.

Deadline: 15.10.2020

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Artist in residence in Limoges, France

Duration: 3 months inbetween January to end of April

Intended for artists working in the field of contemporary jewellery, the POPA.i.R. residence sets out to create a platform to engage in artistic dialogue that goes beyond cultural, geographical and political boundaries. The resident is asked to develop work exploring body ornament using porcelain, ceramic or enamel on copper, in relation with the workshops specific to ENSA and its regional partners.

ENSA offers the resident a work-place in the studio alongside the students, and the opportunity to
use all of the school’s other workshops, allowing them to evolve freely and to fully focus on their

• Accommodation: Small house in the parc next
to the school (bedroom/bathroom/ kitchen)
• Monthly allowance at a value of 700 euros.
• Workshop: a place in the workshop and access
to ceramics, photography and video studios

It is expected that the jeweller in residence :
• is avaible for : a public lecture and an 4 day
workshop or student tutorial project every month.
• will leave 2 pieces for the POPA.i.R. collection.

Application deadline: Before October 30th 2020.
Document as a pdf file maximum 10 MB to monika.brugger@ensa-limoges.fr

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The Finnish Jewellery Art Association hereby announces the open call for the juried exhibition at the seventh international jewellery triennial KORU7. The exhibition will open on the 29th of October 2021 in the South Karelia Museum, Lappeenranta, Finland.

The exhibition is aimed at all professional jewellery artists or artist groups, as well as artists from other fields who have interest in creating new ideologies and aesthetic views in the sense of contemporary jewellery.

The main purpose of the KORU7 event is to widely present international contemporary jewellery and bring together artists, lecturers, researchers and people, to take part in the exhibition, seminar and workshops. Information about the workshops and the seminar program will be announced later.

The jury for the KORU7 exhibition is composed of three members:

Karin Roy Andersson (SE) – Jewellery artist and manager of the contemporary jewellery gallery Four

Krister Gråhn (FI) – Sculptor

Tarja Tuupanen (FI) – Jewellery artist and chairwoman of Finnish Jewellery Art Association

More about jury here: http://koru7.fi/#Jury

There is no overall theme for this call. Applications will be treated anonymously. Each applicant can suggest 1–10 current pieces made no earlier than 2019. The deadline is 1.5.2021. The participation is free of charge, but the selected artists will be responsible for sending the pieces to Finland which includes some possible costs.

The jury aims to compose an exhibition that shows contemporary jewellery in its many facets, with fresh perspectives and attitudes in today’s world, to draw together a selection of art pieces with interesting relations to each other.

You can find more information about the KORU7 event here:

Application information and details here: http://koru7.fi/#Exhibition-open-call

For questions please contact koruevent@gmail.com

Talente is a showcase and competition for newcomers under thirty-three who work in design and technology. It takes place as a special show during the International Trade Fair for the Skilled Trades in Munich each year in March. The exhibition gives young artists the chance to show their new and innovative ideas to the public.

Deadline: 5.10.2020

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Schmuck is a special show of the International Trade Fair for the Skilled Trades taking place in Munich in March each year since 1959. Jewellery art reflects its day and age. Artists may refer to a political or social background, they may be rooted in fashion or arts. The high standards and stunning inventiveness of its participants turn the international special show Schmuck into a renowned show case for trends in jewellery art world wide.

Deadline: 5.10.2020

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The call has been re-opened in order to make a double edition in Spring 2021 possible.

To give emphasis to this anomalous period, we decided to record this transition between what “was” until the explosion of the pandemic, the dangers of contagion, the paralysis of all activities and confinement – called the PRE – and what gives that moment onwards involved rethinking our lives, our reactions, our roles – called the POST.

New deadline: 31.1.2021

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”A holographic Whitney Houston is just setting off on a European tour, and she is not the first pop idol resurrected to perform “live” again…  You can plan a holiday in space because in two years’ time a hotel on orbit will be available for an exorbitant price of nearly $ 800,000 per day!
A brave new world? Is it really for us?”

We invite you to take up the challenge presented by this topic and we look forward to see your ideas. We are counting on your inspiring and creative voice in the discussion and we are waiting for your entries until 15 March 2020. Soon the Terms & Regulations with the development of the competition theme will be published on our website.  At the same time we would like to inform you that the culmination of next year’s Festival, to which we are already inviting you, will take place on 8-9 May 2020.

Deadline: 15.3.2020

All information and application:

The Japan Jewellery Design Competition is a biennial event, that has been held since 1965. It is the biggest and the most historic Jewellery Design Competition in Japan. It has been seeking epoch-making jewellery and asking what is the value of jewellery that will lead to nextgeneration. We have held this event internationally several times in the past, and those were good opportunities to discover and assess Japanese jewellery in the global stage. Through out these activities, this competition has been highly acclaimed by both the cultural and the design fields domestically and internationally. We are pleased to announce that it is again open for applicants from all over the world this year. We are aiming at bringing the jewellery to even higher level by searching for innovative jewellery design together, and introduce them to the world.

Japan Jewellery Designers Designers Association (JJDA) is always furthering the development of the biennial jewellery design competitions that have been held since their establishment in 1964 to promote even higher standards of jewellery design. JJDA views jewellery as a form of art design, and value much more than its material value. Based on this concept, JJDA widely calls for entries for finished work and also design drawings. JJDA’s final goal is to establish a firm position within the jewellery world and to cultivate human resources for the next generation by improving standards of Japanese jewellery design by awarding prizewinners.

Deadline: 6.3.2020

All information and application:

Open call for established and emerging artists and designers, to present a work of experimental jewellery, still unreleased.

Theme of the competition:
Affinamento ed evoluzione

For 10 years, the main focus of the competition has been inspired by the chemical phenomenon of fermentation as the metaphor underlining the evolutionary aspect of contemporary experimental jewellery, which represents a crossroads between individual research paths and international collective atmospheres. A piece of jewellery is the result of a pure fermenting process.

The general context of the project Gioielli in Fermento, as it to say about the term fermentation, ideally refers to a suitably “transformed” result, an art jewellery piece, which constitutes the outcome of the research itself, linked to phases of preparation, experimentation, quality determination.
Apart from the chemical phenomenon, which has a precise role in the world of wine, over the years we have tried to investigate this concept more and more by putting it in relation with the world of contemporary body ornaments.

At the turn of the X Edition, the theme, from fermentation, leads to Aging and Evolution with the purpose of communicating something even more accomplished and beyond the inherent state of maturation.

The winning work will express a singular creative energy, that original individuality of research studio jewellery that represents the idea of contemporary fermento (restlessness, excitement, trepidation, upheaval …) through the maturity of the path, experienced by its author.

Deadline: 23.2.2020

All information and application: