26.10. – 16.11.2019

yksityisnäyttely, Jussi Järvinen

Avajaiset 26.10.2019

Boy konsthall To-pe 16-19 La 12-16   Göteborgsvägen 21, Bollebygd

J-U-S-S-I examines the role jewellery plays in gender construction and the relationship between queer identity and jewellery.

”I made a series of jewellery based on my own cultural background and lived experiences as a queer person. My series of jewellery is not intended to be worn but instead, it references the archetypal jewellery forms. ”

J-U-S-S-I comments on the cis-heteronormative conventions of jewellery and moves from personal to queer politics. The series of jewellery is composed of sand casted aluminium heart charms, the heraldic lion of Finland pendant and letter charms on the chain made of aluminium rod.

Jussi is a jewellery artist (b. 1993) based in Helsinki. Jussi graduated from HDK Academy of Design and Crafts, Master’s Program, specializing in jewellery art, in June 2019.