Tanja Is (b. 1984) is a visual artist and goldsmith. She is endlessly inspired by desert lanscapes, mystics, death and decay. A storyteller by heart, her creations tell a story and encourages people to look beyond the object, to see the hidden messages in the symbolism. Versatility is key. To beable to wear a piece in many ways adds value and is also an environmental statement. Buy less but still always have something to wear. For Is jewelry is also more than just jewelry, she is intrigued by the mystical aspect of amulets and objects that possess magical powers. She is constantly looking for materials to use in her jewelry and likes to combine unusual materials together: fibers from date palm trees with silver and brass or repurposed plastic straws with silver and gold. There are no rules when it comes to creating. The materials, shapes and symbols used are all intuitively worked into jewelry and most creations are one of a kind pieces.
Born in Helsinki but currently resides in Tammisaari.