Everything is Everything is an installation consisting of jewels made for four target persons and illustration images. The jewellery design is based on an interview where the interviewees told about significant matters in their everyday lives. These four persons have been a source of inspiration for the design and implementation of the jewellery. The persons were photographed with their jewellery. The illustrations images put into practice in co-operation with an illustrator. The illustrations, the jewels and the short summaries of the interviews create an installation, which is created in co-operation and inspired by partners. It has included many encounters, stages and stories…and lots of joy.

Example of interview summary:
I often write Haiku poems. They are like diaries from my trips when I follow the seasons. The smell of spring and autumn is always the same, wherever I am. Especially in the fall, when the sky is clear and the ceiling of the sky is high up, the scent of the air is familiar to me. The scent is the same as in my childhood at home. Every year I can experience my childhood again through this scent.